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full core™ B-Happy! Save $ Kidlicious! Yoga HiFi Probiotics
full core is a refreshing and great tasting lightly carbonated drink designed to quench your thirst and your appetite! Enhanced with 40% of your recommended daily value of fiber (10 grams) plus 15 vitamins and minerals, full core is your natural appetite control solution.

The full core advanced formula also helps support and maintain normal, healthy:

  • Cholesterol levels within the normal range
  • Blood triglyceride levels
  • Blood glucose levels when used as part of your diet
  • Intestinal microflora (prebiotic) and regularity

  • Enjoy full core any time, and feel confident you’ve taken a simple and positive step toward a healthy balanced lifestyle.
B vitamins are called the “happy” vitamins. They bring balance to the many systems running your body. If you’re severely low on any of the B vitamins, depression is one of the earliest symptoms. In fact, studies show that at least one in four of all people hospitalized for depression are deficient in vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. So why not go ahead and B-Happy enjoying a refreshing, chilled full core knowing you’re getting 20% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin B6 and B12 in every 12 oz. can.
When you are not so hungry, you naturally eat less. So on occasion (and hopefully often), you won’t want to order that extra appetizer just because it sounds so good, or feel the urge to get that large fries. You might even find yourself grabbing a full core on a busy hectic afternoon instead of going to lunch!
We all know kids love to drink soda pop! But what many people don’t know is that there is an epidemic of childhood obesity occurring today. Since 1980, the prevalence of obesity among children and adolescents has almost tripled. Amid juveniles 19 years or younger, obesity rates have risen to record levels, with approximately 17% (12.5 million) of this group suffering from this disease. full core was conceived and developed to help fight this frightening trend. With only 25 calories per 12 oz. can, full core is loaded with fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and is sugar FREE. Kids love the refreshing flavor, and can benefit from its natural appetite control benefits, and promotion of digestive health.
Not only is yoga one of the fastest growing sports across the globe, but its popularity has highlighted how incredibly important it is to have a healthy, strong core when practicing this powerful, ancient art. full core understands this truth, and through our sponsorship of "The Willow" yoga television series, hope to educate people about this awesome way to a healthier, happier way of life.
Fiber is the new Cinderella ingredient, once a topic no one much cared about, but today is the talk of the nation. full core is the first healthy carbonated soft drink available, formulated with 40% of the daily value (10 grams) of fiber, plus 15 essential vitamins and minerals to achieve natural appetite control benefits and promote digestive health.
Are your tired of eating so much yogurt? Holy cow, have you read the labels. To be effective the directions on this one popular brand reads – “Act---- helps with occasional irregularity when consumed 3x per day for 2 weeks”. Now that’s a lot of yogurt! Why not simply try 1 full core a day, knowing you are getting 40% of your recommended daily value of FIBER (as a prebiotic), one of the most essential food sources for the microflora in your digestive system.